bcaa and EAA somebody shed light

  1. bcaa and EAA somebody shed light

    ok i completely understand what are in the two compounds

    Bcaas consist of leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

    and EAA's consist of histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, and valine.

    now i order in bulk from nutraplanet (duh who doesnt lol) and i just want to understand correctly that im using this product to its full potential. i am currently taking bcaa's as shown

    430am upon waking i take a heaping teaspoon in a bottle of water that i use to take my 3drive and 3 igf-2

    pre workout i take around 5-6 grams mixed with my preworkout drink

    post i take around 10gr mixed in with 100gr of WMS and 5gr glutamine.

    now for EAA's i also have a kilo of that from the planet that has just been sitting around because i dont really have a clue where i can throw it into the mix in my daily schedule i need your help, helping me time these supps so please anyone. also soo far ive been experiancing great results with the bcaas alone!

  2. I'd mix it with the BCAA's every time you take them.. don't see a reason why not and those are the times you should take them anyways.

  3. thanks for clarifying appreciate it!

  4. Yeah you can mix them with your bcaas, or just save them for later. The amount of bcaas you are taking right now should be sufficient already.

  5. Here's something to try:

    20-40g BCAAs during workout (no less than 20)

    15g EAA immediately post-workout

    15 minutes later take your normal PWO shake with carbs/protein

    This is Charles Poliquin's idea.

  6. Take the EAA's preWO, 10-15g should be good and the BCAA's during and/or postWO.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by king1033 View Post
    thanks for clarifying appreciate it!
    No problem.


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