Restarting of T Heat....

  1. Restarting of T Heat....

    Soon after I posted, I quit both theat and ucp ( cuz I am lazy =/ ) I have been off for like two weeks, will it be ok if I were to restart since I didn't complete the cycle. The only thing is I don't think I am gonna work out, I am gonna take up running<------ yikes! week point. =)

  2. you shouldn't have any problems......

  3. cardio sucks for us all =(

  4. cardio stinks but necessary. its fun during summer for me tho 'cause i can do some off road biking and ride my bike alot. hate those treadmills.

    i believe ucp-1 has a recommeneded cycle of 2 weeks on 2 weeks off 2 weeks on. so if you didnt complete the cycle and its been 2 weeks you should be fine. be sure to take some milk thistle as a precaution.

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