Something wrong with my cutting?

  1. Something wrong with my cutting?

    I'm not sure what's going on because I tend to lose weight generally easily when I do a cutting phase. I do morning HIIT, lift at night and clean up my diet. Smaller portions, more meals, cleaner meals and I cut fairly easy. Last year the only supps I was one was pre-cardio 400mg caffeine and 200mg Yohim, (not the good kind), and Fish Oil

    Right now I'm on Leviathan Reloaded, DCP, Drive, RPM, Sesathin, Sesamin Oil, Fish Oil

    I've been on my cutting program exercise/diet wise for 8 days now and I haven't lost 1lb. I was expecting at least 1-2lbs which is the norm for me. I'm 222lbs, 20% bodyfat, so it's not like I'm just so lean that it's become difficult to drop.

    I'm dosing
    first thing in the morning pre-cardio/pre breakfast
    3 drive
    5 rpm
    2 leviathan
    2 DCP

    45-50 min later oatmeal with Sesathin, Sesami Oil, Omega-3's
    HIIT cardio

    Pre Lunch
    2 Leviath/2 DCP
    post lunch sesathin, sesamin oil, omega-3's

    Pre Workout
    3 Drive
    (3-5 RPM)

    Dinner, Sesathin, Sesamin Oil, omega-3's

    Staple Pre-Post supps (creatine Mono, Beta Alannine, Bulk BCAA, Bulk Leucine).

    Anyone have an idea why I'm not dropping AT ALL?

    I'm trying to use the mirror as my guide above what the scale is saying, because I know Levi has a muscle maintaining effect and Drive would definitely augment that effect, but I haven't seen anything different yet. I'm not an impatient newbie expecting results by the hour. I've been doing this cutting phase for years and I'm not seeing the results I've seen from the past and it's doubly odd because I'm on some great supps.

  2. It may seem obsessive, but I still plan on doing Christimas Cardio before all the family stuff.

  3. No expert here, but I found when I dropped ALL sugars (fruits included, it seemed to be more effective for cutting. Also having my carbs ONLY in two meals post w/o, I started noticing some better results.

  4. Lets not worry about the supp dosing protocol, but look at your diet more closely.

    Post up what you eat on a normal basis throughout the day.

  5. You're over-dieting and have sent your body into starvation mode. How often do you have a refeed?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys




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