mass fx hyperdrol x 2 12 week cycle

  1. mass fx hyperdrol x 2 12 week cycle

    hey guys im 21 and been bodybuilding nat for 4 years now ive allways takern jst protien and creatine with a split routine of 4 days per week with 3500 calories per day.

    I want to try a cycle of supplements now but not steriods or pro steriods as i like being natural.

    I have decided to either the mass fx and hyperdrol x 2 cycle for 12 weeks which is the supermass cycle which you can buy as a discount now what you guys think is it worth it ???

    Otherwise i was thinking of something like x factor or jungle warfare but i hear theirs scept on whats in jungle warfare.. Ive browsed many forums and i see alot of positive on mass fx and hyperdrol. i dont want massive gains just wanna try something different to help me get past my best.

    advice really appreciated thanks for your time to read aswell im sorry if this post seems crap and stupid.

  2. ah no ideas then ?

  3. if u want to stay natural and not have to worry about the risk with JW, then stick with Massfx/Hyperdrolx2...i would say run it for 8 weeks, but even 8 weeks is a little too pricey

  4. hyperdrol x2 has 6-bromo in it, which is a steroidal ai. You would not be considered "all natural" for the sake of competitions after using it.

    That isn't a recommendation against taking it, because its been shown to be effective, just so that you understand it

  5. i thought things which were pro steriods where epistine and superdrol etc i didnt think hyperdrol x 2 was steriodal ?? weird ?? does it contains steriods then ?

  6. its not a steroid like dianbol is a steroid, its a steroidal aromatase inhibitor like 6-oxo. Still not "all natural" is the only point I am making. From all I've seen its safe, and fairly effective.

  7. ah i understand thanks for your advice mate ! i will use it i know what you mean about its helping out abit and isnt all natural but then you could say people who use Creatine arent natural either as it has a simaler effect draws water into muscles etc...

    Thanks anyway i think ill still go ahead with the supermass cycle and ill write up a review on these boards when im finished

  8. Sorry that we didn't catch ya sooner! Very glad to hear that you're considering the combo. Gains should be lean and clean. If you're looking for "modest" gains, you may find that you get a bit more than just "modest"!! It's a good stack for a reason, as I'm sure you'll become aware.

    And great to hear that you plan to log it! I/we love to hear feedback on the products and about the experiences that y'all have in the gym. It really helps to know whether a product works out well or of any kind is always a good thing! We greatly appreciate it!

    If you should need any help with it, just let us know. That's why we're here!!

    Oh, and for price - NutraPlanet has an awesome deal on MFX, HX2, and Retain2. They call it the "triple stack", running about $112 right now. I think it's the best deal that I've found on the stack, and definitely worthwhile! (Got a set sitting in my cabinet ready to go starting January 7th!!!)

    Best of luck - GO HARD!!!
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