Is this garbage?

  1. Is this garbage?

    My buddy was cleaning out his closet and found 4 unopened bottles of Biotest T2! Im not a Biotest fan and when I typed this in the search, I came up with nothing.

    Its Biotest T2 Pro-Thyroid formula, here is the ingrediants


    here is link i found off of google Biotest's T2 - Thyroid Powered Weight Loss?

    should I just toss?

  2. well it doesnt look like anyone knows so i will probally toss or give to someone who wants to pay shipping

  3. lol u only waited 50mins, give it time, someone might know

  4. i'll pay shipping, just to try a bottle or two

    heres some more data

    T2 (diiodothyronine)
    Now this one had me genuinely stoked. Actually it still does. Unfortunately it just got yanked from the market so good luck finding it once the Biotest's supplies dry up. Was T2 new when Biotest released it? No, not really. It had actually been on the market for some time before in Syntrax's Lipokinetix product. For some reason, no one payed any attention to it though. Not too mention, Lipokinetix contained usnic acid (a protein uncoupler similar to an herbal DNP, a.k.a., Dinitrophenol) as well. Probably not the healthiest stuff on the planet. So what makes T2 so special you ask? It acts similarly to T3 in terms of boosting the metabolic rate and caloric expenditure, but with little to no shutdown of TSH when used in reasonable amounts. It seems to be a dieters dream-come-true. Unfortunately like many other effective products, all good things must come to pass when the FDA has something to say about it. The bottom line- it was just too darn close to being a drug. The pharmaceutical guys don't really like that too much. Bye bye T2. We'll miss you bud.

  5. ...
    T2 is a new thyroid hormone like T3 and T4 although it can only be found in our bodies in trace amounts. The old T2 is the real hormone. Unfortunately the FDA put pressure on Biotest to stop selling it. Biotest changed the formula of T2, now it has completely different active ingrediant. Basically they are trying to make a little money off of the buzz that the original T2 created.

  6. It's a pretty decent supplement that actually helped a few I know shed some serious weight a few years back...

    I would keep it... Whats the expiration date for them?

  7. good question, ill find out


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