New winter stack suggestions..

  1. New winter stack suggestions..

    hey guys, lookin for a new winter stack i am 20 yrs old .. 5'11 ..212 lbs , 9-12% bf ..lookin for a new stack over the winter break to keep size and strength on for upcomming lax season, and maybe put on a lb or two...Just finished my stack with drive, GG, vitargo cgl, and other support supplements..had good results...just lookin for some fresh ideas...thanks!

  2. i was thinking about continuing the same stack, and throwing in some somnidren-gh and zmk..for the added recovery and sleep due to the hard combo of workouts/practices i could really uses some aid in recovery

  3. Activate Xtreme and Lean X would make a great combination for something new and a good way to meet the goals you have mentioned.
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  4. thanks ill def consider the acitvate extreme..i loved the original forumla

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