You know you're a supplement junkie when:

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  1. You know you're a supplement junkie when:

    you make a drink mix (i.e. shake, crystal light) and you need the whole glass or more just to take your pills.

  2. when you purchase a years supply of Geranamine and Sulbutiamine from Nuraplanet. (400 of each)

  3. you have a tool box in your bedroom filled with samples from nutraplanet
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  4. You treat pre-orders for new supp's like a kid at Christmas. In the amount of excitement you have for them.

  5. you order 7 bottles of prohormones cause hey the governments coming down on steroids i better stock up i mean i need to stock enough for at least a couple of years (yeah i did that last night) also your boss comes in to work at 1am cause somebody didnt show up and the first thing he says to you is what kinda energy pills you got

  6. when you cannot workout without taking supplements. (Yes there are people who couldn't get themselves through workouts and a clean diet, they MUST have atleast something).

  7. when you visit nutraplanet 3-4 times every day to play with the shopping cart.

  8. When your shelf in your closet breaks into 2 pieces cause you have too much supps sitting on them

  9. ... you set your mobile phone alarms to remind you to take your am, noon, pm, pre and post workout supps... and you're already dosing 2 mins b/f the reminder even goes off...

  10. When canned goods start getting stored on the counter, because your supps take up all the cabinet space.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Aggravated View Post
    When canned goods start getting stored on the counter, because your supps take up all the cabinet space.
    when you pop more than 15 pills per day.

  12. you know your a supplement junkie when you walk into GNC and laugh at the workers.

  13. Someone asks you "which way" and you reply "pff Optimum Nutrition of course!!"

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  14. Quote Originally Posted by neoborn View Post
    Someone asks you "which way" and you reply "pff Optimum Nutrition of course!!"

    Amor Est Vitae Essentia,


    which whey

  15. When your spouse puts a firm limit on how much cabinet and counterspace you can have in the kitchen. Fortunately, I have a kichenette in the basement that serves as my main apothecary.

    When you order some bulk powder and realize that you already had some in said apothecary.

    The fact you refer to your basement kitchenette as an "apothecary".

    When supplement companies start asking you for advice.

    and finally...

    When you spend a portion of your day moderating an online supplement forum. That's a sign.

  16. along that lines, I always laugh when my friends ask the question "what are you doing today??" and I say "legs"..hahaha.......

    anyway ive gotta get a pic of my desk on my room and closet to show ya what a supps junkie looks like.

  17. When you manage to fit things in every little nook and cranny of your bedroom/kitchen/pantry and you're about to be thrown out of the house for taking up too much space that is not yours.

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  18. ...When cell-tech is an inside joke for you and your friends
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  19. When you spend 3 months debating what stack to try next as though your life depends on your decision.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  20. when you know what fish oil burps taste like

    when you own a cap-m-quick

    When you borrow your friends pot scale to measure bulk powders

    Can't try a new product because you already have 6 months of supplements planned out.

    Your car is out of gas, you own one pair of jeans, have nothing but promotional t-shirts, and you still are taking full advantage of nutraplanet's newest sale.
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  21. When you can hear your new supps n stacks taunting you from the fridge / cupboard " you know you want me, come onnnnn start me nowwwwwwwww!"


    Amor Est Vitae Essentia,


  22. When the cupboard above the sink is full of all sorts of stuff from NutraPlanet, one counter in the kitchen is dedicated to "Daily Supplements" and is covered in jars and bottles, and "the special" stuff fills a desk drawer in the bedroom.

  23. when you track nutraplanet's fedex shipments on an hourly basis.

    When you lean out the window every time you hear a large truck outside hoping it is fedex.

    When your wardrobe for the week consists of free t-shirts from nutraplanet.

  24. when you know what a "cap'm quick" is. lol.


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