Anabol 5 by Nutrex.

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  1. Don't take any. Product has been out for some time and reviews have been less than impressive. Featured Author

  2. ive tried anabol 5 for 10 days only.

  3. this was an old thread guys. check reviews on the product. very few ever liked it. apparently just another hyped product. the only thing i ever liked from Nutrex was the original Lipo-6

  4. Quote Originally Posted by rcarracedo View Post
    people also complain that you put well known products like IGF-2 and RPM through the search engine and get no results. That's why people open up threads to ask questions. thanks 4 the support.
    try going to appnut's sub-forum, i am sure they will be more than happy to answer all your q's concerning their product's. almost every company has a sub-forum, if you have q's about their product's that would be a good place to start. btw-zombie is not a mod- but he is close to being nobility on this forum. good luck.

  5. Anabol 5 does contain 25R-diol just like our mass fx does. Im not sure about the dosing of it however.. And to be honest, the first ingredient says it has like a decanoate, propionate, etc.... ester... which is clearly just to make you think its a steroid. Kind of a joke IMO


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