Question on Stack JW/Hyperdrol/AP/Leviathan Reloaded

  1. Question on Stack JW/Hyperdrol/AP/Leviathan Reloaded

    I am looking to start a new stack with some powerful results in terms of mass and strength with a nice leaning out at the end. Im thinking of trying something like this.

    Weeks 1-8 [email protected] 3/day
    Weeks 1-8 Hyperdrol
    Weeks 1-4 Anabolic Pump
    Weeks 5-8 Leviathan Reloaded

    Is this too much or would it be safe? Im prepping for college ball next year.. eating 4K cals from 135g fat 250pro 400 carbs on workout days and 3.4K cals on non days. Carbs are mostly brown rice, oats, whole grain bread, and milk.

  2. sounds solid man, when u plan on starting?

    do u have all ur basics covered as well?

  3. Yeah basics are covered. I have nolva on hand if JW gives me any possible gyno(better safe than sorry.. with a pair). Multi, 4g Fishoil/day, Vit C, Glucosamine, creatine mono(using SizeOn right now though.. will be using it for another month), some BCAAs maybe..

    Oh.. and I have a 30lb vat of cell-tech.... for the health benefits. :P

    Would anyone suggest taking like.. any support or antioxidants to keep this safer.. although its non-hormonal(if JW is true to claims).

  4. if u stay at 3 caps of JW a day for only 8 weeks, u shouldnt see and negative side effects

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