HELP! cant fail NCAA drug test

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    i play baseball and im a shortstop but i need to bulk up. i have a very good build and pretty good musce but on a smaller frame. i asked about the test boosters because i have read that if you are aorund the age of 18, your body is producing enough test and the test booster will not really do much. the couple i have looked at dont contain any banned substances in them. NCAA states tho, that if your test is too high at a certain ratio, then that results in a failed test.
    I HIGHLY doubt that a natural herbal test booster would be able to boost your test levels to the point that would make you fail the test.

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    thanks, i appreciated the info.. ill probably just stick to the basics. i just was wanting a little extra help
    Protien, Creatine, BCAA, Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine, Anabolic Pump, these are the supplements that you may want to look into. Check to see first if anything on there is banned. Im a big fan of Citrulline Malate. I like the idea of reducing lactic acid build up in your muscles. 3 grams pre-workout has helped my endurance a lot!

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    Your 19 which means basically your in your prime. Natural test boosters won't really do that much to you if anything at all. I would know first hand. I have taken Drive and have taken a liking to it. In terms of test boosting Im not exactly how that works for me as well however considering that I am also a youngin' (younger than you too. Im 18) On certian days I notice random wood and other days I notice nothing. Some days Ill notice frequent wood and others nothing. It's really a hit and miss for me in terms of sex drive and libido but if your speaking of a test booster in terms of mass gains, No I dont think it will do much for you at your age. I would avoid test boosters such as trib. Drive is way more than a test booster in my opinion. I believe the Icariin may be responsible for the random wood and on some respects test boosting properties. The other main ingredience in it (Forskolin) which has helped in terms of slight strength gains while a nice body leaning effect takes place as well.

    Agian however I would avoid simple test boosters if your looking to use them for gains. They won't do much at your age. My friend says trib is garbage. I noticed somed increased acne on it. Take it for what it's worth.
    i second that.. trib has be proven to not effect test levels, i noticed nettle root works well for me, and other test boosters do give a noticeable boost for me , blueup and JW.
  4. she threw it at me like a shortstop

    I played college ball too man, that's why I asked. I didn't know crap in college about nutrition and even less about supps. I thought that the high dollar/highly endorsed one were the best out there, but it's like buying a bmw so you can have their symbol on it.

    a couple things that might help you. It will really help you to do some research on your own to really make the knowledge yours, and so you can understand what you're putting into yoru body. Beta alanine has a strong effect on carnosine production which helps your fast twitch muscles (helping your footwork, transfer, whippin it over to 1st) although the results might be minimal if any, a competitive soul will do all it takes.

    I pitched, so taking some things for join health really helped me recover my senior year, such as MSM... stay healthy man!

    The long bus/plane rides are not conducive to a good diet, and neither is hanging out with a bunch of college guys, but keep up the good fight.
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    protein, mega dose BCAA's, creatine, and lots and lots of food.

  6. yeah I like Citrulline Malate as well. I used 8-10g of Citrulline each day.

  7. They actively test for steroids, steroid derivatives (i.e. PHs), stims, and piss inhibitors.

    ....unless it's changed over a couple of years.


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