This a safe stack?

  1. This a safe stack?

    Does anyone know if it would be ok to stack nano vapor with cellmass?

  2. if you have a diaper handy on leg day you should be fine (that was a joke and only a joke nano vapor sends me to the bathroom quick) you should be fine its just a no and creatine stack but i much prefer no-xplod

  3. Do you have proper Post Cycle Therapy set up ?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    Do you have proper Post Cycle Therapy set up ?
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  5. I've used no xplode but didn't notice anything from it. I even took 4 scoops, and got nothing.

    Reaperx, why would I need PCT for No and creatine?

  6. he just bustin your balls dont worry about pct but watch out for the yohmbine

  7. lol, love it!
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