Post PH Supplements

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    Post PH Supplements

    Im not referring to the neccesities ...just extra stuff. I'm moving shortly so money is gonna be scarce (gotta buy a washer/dryer).
    Im thinking:
    Inj. B12 - to keep the appetite up
    DYMETADRINE XTREME - energy, fat loss (cheap).
    Maybe swole or creatine...never responded to well to creatine.
    Obviously, just gonna bump up the clean calories, no more cake and ice cream before bed.

  2. what about anti-e like clomid or 6-oxo. what did your cycle look like.

  3. hemotep
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    I've got plenty of clomid, Im more curious about what supps would be worth while...bcaa's, stuff like that...nothing really related to hormone's, as that's already taken care of. BTW-cycle is 850mg 4ad/day.

  4. Flax oil.

  5. 7 keto dhea for its anti cortisol effect

  6. Perhaps nicotine for nutrient partioning...

  7. yea thats a great idea and megadosed ALA for it s insulemic effect

  8. There's clenbuterol to ramp up your metabolism and stave off excess fat accumulation as well.

  9. Someone should put together a post cycle stack that would be cheap yet effective. something like
    ALA+E+BCCA or
    7 keto + ALA +E
    nicotine would be great but would be best added in on your own

  10. ONE WORD: V-12!!!

    Not sure if you've used this stuff yet or not, but I swear by it post cycle now. I have actually gained some strength post cycle with it, and the pumps are great. Definitely a good way to tryand keep gains and strength IMO. Also Amino's are always a good idea, try looking into Vendetta if you havwe the $$ (but damn it's pricey).

  11. Try using small and frequent doses of ECA when you do use it post cycle. Also tribulus if you have any probs in the libido dept. Go with HST, or MAX-ot... ie. lower volume training post. For workout recovery and extra B-vits try some liver tabs.


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