Help, getting back into it

  1. Help, getting back into it

    Hey guys. Here are my stats. I'm 200lbs even, 12% BF (i tested skinfolds 5 days ago now), 5'11.

    I do ALOT of crossfit style workouts...I work at a Crossfit Gym in Up-state NY. I do BJJ 2/3 times a week and Muay Thai/MM atleast Twice a week.

    I use to Powerlift for AAU when I was in Highschool and have a pretty good background in oly. lifting.

    I recently had blood work done and everything came back healthier then its ever been.

    The last time I've used any PH was M1-T before the ban, and I ran 3 cycles of it....The last cycle was M1-T stacked with 4AD.

    All of the PH that are out now I'm new to(was in the service for a while so I kinda fell outta the loop.). H-Drol and all that stuff I have no idea about...but I see alot of adds on the main anabolic minds page for sites that still sell M1-T and 4AD and all this other stuff, and wanted to know how legit they are?

    I guess pretty much what I'm asking/saying you guys is....I have some spare cash/time and would like to do a few more cycles....Put on some mass and drop some BF...and ofcorse get stronger...blah blah blah...the usual stuff. haha

    Whats a good stack/cycle for a exp. lifter/dieter to go on for 6-8 weeks (or whatever you guys think would be best) if money isn't much of an far as real gear go's right now, things are really hot up where I live and prices are really high, so the risk is too crazy and not worth it.

    Any help that you guys can give me would be greatly appreceated, thanks for taking the time to read my post!

  2. bumperrrrr

  3. 23 views and no reply...hmmm
  4. Smile

    When did you last run a cycle?

  5. early 2005. It was 5 weeks of M1T and 4AD. soild strength gains and awsome size gains(almost 15lbs lean...) Diet was more on-point then it ever was up till that point.

    thanks for the reply

  6. Hey man dont get so frustrated with the views with no replies. not everybody here has tried this stuff, like myself. so i'm not gonna give you advice on things when i know nothing about them. just wait a little while. i think the people that are more experienced with this stuff are at work.

  7. Hmnnn my only question is why on 5-27-05 did you post that you were new and had never used any anabolics now you say you were running m1t in early 2005 maybe that is why nobody will answer you also find it hard to believe you squatted over 500lbs back then. Maybe if you could keep your story in line you would get a better response

  8. sorry,

    Didn't think there'd be any problems, I'm using my little bro's ****. I'm fresh out of the service and I'm crashing at my parents house till I find a decent place closer to NYC...maybe Westchester? Anyway, I'm not sure if any of this is relevent but my questions still stand as is.

    Point of the story is I'm not the original holder of this account....

  9. in the end, if you really liked M1T + 4ad you can probably manage to find them again....

  10. yes i did like it. THANK YOU for a str8 foward answer....only question M1-T still banned? because I M1-AD sold...could this be a good subb for it? HrMmmm just not sure about all of this new stuff....and the legal issues n' ****...or is there a retale site that sells M1T?...or can I not ask that?

  11. you won't get someone giving it to you from here, as they would get banned from the board

    However, M1T is not illegal in some other countries. I think the UK still allows its sale. So you may want to just do some searching on the web for it.

  12. Thats what I was afraid of. Thanks for the advice budd, I'll watch what I ask for or better yet, HOW I ask things from now on.

  13. Wow bro both this post and the one in 5-27-05 both end with -Anthony

    brothers with the same 1st name huh you seem to be the only one who is not being str8 forward here come on now it does not take a rocket scientist to read your post back then and this one and see it is the same person. But really if you were more str8n forward you may get more help

  14. And it seems the only purpose your serve on the forum is nitpicking people and criticizing because judging from your HUGE amount of posts(21) a good amount of them are spent looking for flaws in peoples questions or questioning THEM as people. Back the **** off if your not going to answer the question that was asked in the first place. Are you a PI? Probably not....

    Anyway, sorry for the swearing but you are REALLY a little brat bro...If your not going to positively contribute to what some one asks, what is really the point of butting in?
  15. Thumbs down

    I will answer you are not ready for PH or anabolics so stay away from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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