Activate Xtreme,Basic Cuts,Poseidon,Z-Force(ZMA + Trib) and Momordica (Bitter Melon).

What do you guys think?? I'll be running the A.X for 2 bottles,same for the Basic Cuts and Z-Force.The Poseidon I only have 1 tub of so I'll be starting it later on and will only be taking 2 scoops per day so it will last 45 days.Going to throw some AEE and Cit.Malate with each serving of Poseidon for some pumps and to see if Poseidon really does improve how other supplements work.

The Momordica is suppose to help with Glucose upake,it's one of the ingredients in ALRI's JW.I've used ALA and Anabolic Pump in the past so I will see how it compares.

What do you guys think??

I also got all the basics in check.Creatine,Fish Oil,Multi,Cissus and BCAA/EAA.