Why Do I Keep Hearing...?

  1. Why Do I Keep Hearing...?

    Not to drink RTD protein shakes? What is the problem?

  2. i think because most people say that u cant be sure about how much P/C/F u are really getting. at least thats what i heard.

    give em a shot and try em out. they're expensive though.

  3. Likely it is because the protein in the RTDS is dentured, meaning the bioavailability is suspect.

  4. I believe it is a matter of price... they are generally much more expensive than getting straight powder.... which really is why I don't buy them. I am all about convenience, but they are too expensive for me.

  5. Ehh if Im running and run past a gnc I will drop by and buy a protein drink for afew bucks but I wont buy them in bulk they are just to much money. I do wish they had them more places though so if you forgot to pack a shake you could just pick one up at a local shop.



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