Does Cee Make Some Constipated??

  1. Does Cee Make Some Constipated??

    whenever i take a product that has Creatine ethyl ester in it and i take it on a daily basis i get really constipated in the morning on the toilet if i dont hold on to the bowl ill blast off into space so i take it every other day or just on training days ( by the way the product is green bulge) should i just switch to MONO cause this would never happen with mono any input greatly appreciated!

  2. I think that it is all user dependent. I can't handle regular monohydrate without getting GI cramps and running to the bathroom every 30min but i've never had that problem with CEE.

    YOu might want to try Bulk Tricreatine malate from nutra. This has treated me the best and is fairly easy on the stomach as well as the wallet.

  3. well ive been thinking about going back and forth between CEE and mono one day cee the next mono then back, so im gonna see how that works cause i cant take cee one day right into the next im thinking ill space things out see how it goes and as far as you getting cramps i heard putting it in hot water will take care of that problem

  4. Gives me the sh1ts.

  5. I'd stop taking it. The last thing you want is the other kind of roids hanging around your me!!



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