Winter Stack

  1. Winter Stack

    Gentlemen, and the ladies too, I'm getting excited about what stack to do in the coming months. I'm doing a 30 day log of Yellow Euphoria right now, so I can't take any new supplements until it's over, but after that, I'm going itching to do a serious stack.

    This is what I have; Powerfull, Drive, Pslin, Hyperdrol X2 and Activate extream (which I bought to trade for Powerfull, but I might just do it). I could also buy 1 other bottle of something (all of that was free, so I think I can justify it).

    So, part of me just wants to eat the whole damn thing, but I think it's probobly best to split into 2 stacks. I want to bulk up, and then maybe do recomp, or just another bulk stack.

    Here's my support supplents
    Creatine Monohydrate
    Beta Alanine (I didn't like it the first time I did it, but I want to give it another go)
    FIsh oil
    Waxy Maze (for the stack with the Pslin)

    What do the minds of AM think?


  2. umm, hmm send me the hyperdrolx2, and then, well then the rest doesn't matter to me much

    I'd say pair drive with powerfull, and activate extreme with pslin. I'm a little less sure on the hyperdrol, could save it for completely separate use. Maybe saving it is a good idea, or buying a second bottle and running it the whole 2 cycles?

  3. Thanks Easy,

    I like the idea of poweful/drive, but I was thinking about throwing the Pslin in or maybe getting RPM.

  4. RPM/Drive/Powerfull sounds awesome

  5. yeah, the rpm would help with the light lethargy from powerfull. pslin with powerfull is nice, but dosing it is a drag due to carb concerns with powerfull

  6. Educate me... what's the concern with carbs and powerfull?

  7. an insulin spike blows out the GH spike. so if you take powerfull, you have 90-120 minutes of heightened growth hormone levels if you haven't had carbs in the roughly 30-60 minutes before. then during that time if you have a carb meal, it will likely "flush" the GH from your system. so you have to make sure you aren't dosing together, the pity is they each have good pre-workout value as well. powerfull preworkout almost eliminates lactic acid buildup, at least for me.


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