when to stop taking supplements

  1. when to stop taking supplements

    i have gone through a container of no explode, hypershock and superpump, i just wanted to know when is enough? When do you guys call it quits with supps, do u guys take a break from them or do you use them non stop. i have CEE and EAA's that i was begining as of a few days but already miss the pump and hype from products like hypershock and superpump, any suggestions to other products to help with focus and streanght without alot of bloat thanks guys in andvance

  2. I would take a 2-4 week off time between each 8-12 weeks of anything caffeinated or NO.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by cboesger View Post
    I would take a 2-4 week off time between each 8-12 weeks of anything caffeinated or NO.
    With certian people it really varies. Like chris said caffeine products you should take a break but some people might need more off time and some may need less. The main reason you cycle them on and off is so that you can get the most out of your supplements. Sometimes things like pre-workout mixes diminish in effect and you want to cycle to get the effect to work more effecitently next time. Same applies for creatine. For creatine a a month cycle should be done for 2 months on time. Adjust accordingly. 4 months = 2 months off time. Good luck!

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