New Stack considering

  1. New Stack considering

    I was wondering if there would be any problems with

    Leviathan Reloaded

    any help is great

  2. No, that would make a sweet combo. Just keep in mind powerfull is diet constrained a little, to get max effects you want to take it at least 1 hour after eating, and then not take in significant carbs for 2 hours afterwards.

  3. ok cool
    im really good about carbs
    the only carbs i eat are oats and usually mixed in with a shake
    other then that i just eat veggies

  4. Yeah, then just be careful with carb/powerfull timing, and you should get fantastic results with this stack

  5. cant attest for powerfull or lev reloaded, but u'll love Drive...what are ur goals with this stack?

  6. I can tell you, that will be one sick ass recomp/cut stack. on a bulk im slightly leaning on which is insane. Ive tried leviathan too awesome supplement. Should be good to go.

  7. my goals arent clear. I just want to increase strength and lose bf. Generally what everyone else wants but with leviathan reloaded coming out I really wanted to make a great stack with it.

    would this be a good stack to add into a PCT? if i decide to do epi or a prohormone?


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