New Stack considering

  1. New Stack considering

    I was wondering if there would be any problems with

    Leviathan Reloaded

    any help is great

  2. Never enough
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    No, that would make a sweet combo. Just keep in mind powerfull is diet constrained a little, to get max effects you want to take it at least 1 hour after eating, and then not take in significant carbs for 2 hours afterwards.
    Animis Rep

  3. ok cool
    im really good about carbs
    the only carbs i eat are oats and usually mixed in with a shake
    other then that i just eat veggies
  4. Never enough
    EasyEJL's Avatar

    Yeah, then just be careful with carb/powerfull timing, and you should get fantastic results with this stack
    Animis Rep

  5. cant attest for powerfull or lev reloaded, but u'll love Drive...what are ur goals with this stack?

  6. I can tell you, that will be one sick ass recomp/cut stack. on a bulk im slightly leaning on which is insane. Ive tried leviathan too awesome supplement. Should be good to go.

  7. my goals arent clear. I just want to increase strength and lose bf. Generally what everyone else wants but with leviathan reloaded coming out I really wanted to make a great stack with it.

    would this be a good stack to add into a PCT? if i decide to do epi or a prohormone?


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