With or without?

  1. With or without?

    I have read in the past for certain supplements they need to be taken with water only on an empty stomach, some with meals, and I have read some even work better taken with an oil like EVOO. Here is what I am taking right now and how its all set up. By the way I am following a Intermittent Fasting Diet at the moment so just want to note that.

    5am upon waking:
    1 serving of Poseidon
    1/2 tsp ALCAR
    1/4 tsp PLCAR
    1/4 tsp Na-r-ala
    1 tsp L- Taurine
    1 tsp B-Alanine
    400mg SAMe
    400mg CoQ10
    Lipotropin AM
    *all swallowed with water only*

    25mg Pregnenolone
    25mg DHEA
    500mg Giant Resveratrol
    1400mg Curcumin
    2 RPM
    *all taken with water only*

    1 serving Poseidon
    3 Cordygen5
    1tsp L-Taurine
    1tsp Beta Alanine
    1 serving of Ultimate Mass Pump Stack
    *on lifting days 2-3 more RPM*
    2 Digestive Enzymes
    1 Super Glucose Control
    1 Super Cortisol Control

    5-6pm Training

    Eat, eat, eat until I am stuffed
    1 multi vitamin/mineral
    1tbsp Cod Liver Oil
    1tbsp Wheat Germ Oil

    Before Bed 10-1030pm
    1 Serving Poseidon
    Lipotropin PM
    1 Glucose Control
    1 Super Cortisol Control
    occasionally some Melatonin
    *all swallowed with water only*

    Do you guys see anything that I would need to change? I seem to recall that maybe Forskolin was better absorbed with EVOO or an oil. I was curious if the SAMe, CoQ10, DHEA, Pregnenolone, Res-v and Curcumin would be better absorbed with an oil or not? It don't take alot of effort to swallow a little coconut oil or EVOO with this stuff if need be.

    Give me some thought on this if its false or what ever. Thanks for any help.

  2. I think you need to add in some food. Spread out throughout the day in 6 to 8 doses.

    Seriously though, I can't comment on the supplementation, but this diet seems self destructive. I'm not trying to be a jerk but I guess I just don't understand this.

  3. www.leangains.com

    Not for everyone. For some young skinny guys trying to bulk up I am sure its not the way to go. Me, I am getting older and want to reduce my weight. This also fits my lifestyle better than any diet that I have found and I seem to be getting gradually leaner without alot of effort.

    Scroll down and you can see that I have eat quite a bit spread out over the day in seperate doses. I will never again eat more than 3 times per day, ever. I have no desire to be a competitive bodybuilder. Just strong, athletic and muscular.
    This ain't about diet anyway but take a look.


  4. Is there a spot that has more information than the blog on IF?



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