Night Time Supplements?

  1. Night Time Supplements?

    I will be taking a casein shake before bedtime. (Optimum Nutrition's 100% Casein) I will be taking 2 Cort-Bloc caps with it. Would this be a good time to add additional supplements to this night time shake such as CoQ10, Vitamin C and/or antioxidants? Anyone recommend sups or warn against using others at this time? Any advantage or disadvantage to opening the Cort-Bloc caps, pulverizing the other supplements and mixing them directly into the casein shake? My thinking is it will be a more homogenized drink and will not need as much processing if taken this way...

    In Advance, Thanks,
    Harry Walsh

  2. i think antioxidants are more important during the day when most of the oxidative and free radical damage to cells occurs. unless they are helpful for cellular repair, which happens mostly during sleep, i think they'd be better in the day

    unless the caps are some special time release thingy, that is fine as they dissolve immediately in the stomach...but its probly kinda pointless

  3. Cortisol is at it's peak in the morning, and then again in the early afternoon. I always take any cortisol blocking supplement in regards to that schedule.

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