hyperdrolx2 or xfactor?

  1. Arrow hyperdrolx2 or xfactor?

    which one is best on size gains whilst on bulk lookin to add an inch in 8 weeks time on these products? plus the bascis and a good workout/diet

  2. it's very hard to add a single inch to anything in such a short amount of time if you aren't a beginner, or aren't on a steroid. hyperdrol is an aromatase inhibitor, so its primary use is to block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. this is mainly a large factor following an anabolic steroids or PH cycle when your synthetic test quickly transforms into estrogen. the result is bloat, gyno, loss of gains, etc.

    unless you're coming off of a cycle, i wouldn't mess with your endocrine system. i did a pretty big natty stack a few months ago and I think it negatively affected my endocrine system. i had a rebound. still waiting on the bloodwork to confirm.

    x-factor may be something to consider, however. but even that brings potential health risks. make sure your diet is in check first. all your results will come from proper goal-oriented eating habits, supplements second.

  3. May I ask what your training and eating regimen looks like?


    Also, the supplements you listed are two completely different ones. I'm sure we can help - but we just need a bit more information.

  4. The two are extremely different products. I suggest you do some reading on both and make up your mind.

  5. workout: monday=chest total 15 sets
    wednesday=bk+calves total 17 sets/5ets
    thursday = arms 10sets each
    friday =legs plus shoulders total 15sets/10sets

    dieat eat aroun 300grm carbs and 200-225grms protein.Weight aroun 165lbs.

    yes i know they are complitaly different but both ara mass builders, one is an AI6 bromo and xfactor is an AA. I saw alot of logs here and on bb.com and from both supps an average estimate gain was around 1/2inch per 30days..thats y im asking

  6. I added 3/4 inch to one bicep + 1 inch to the other in 8 weeks on a combo of leviathan + incarnate, with heavy BCAA, creatine, glutamine + beta alanine dosing (above what is in incarnate)

  7. Musclefever - you've got a PM...

  8. Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post
    Musclefever - you've got a PM...
    yes got it THANKS MAN repped

  9. Besides them being completely different products, are you stuck on these 2 in order to gain mass??? I'd think they'd go alright together. If you're looking for an AX product to gain mass, ya can't beat Mass FX on it. Hyperdrol hardens, but gains are more moderate. MFX is a test boost and comes with an attitude from hell.

    There's tons of things out there to gain size. Gaining quick may very well lead to losing it quick, too. I'm curious as to why you're asking about these 2 in particular, that's all. Some more research may be necessary for ya.

    At any rate, best of luck!!!!
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  10. well i asked for these because i saw very good reviews on them.....if you have any supps that can do better jibs pls tell me about them so i can have alook at them.


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