V-12 while cutting for photo shoot?

  1. V-12 while cutting for photo shoot?

    I know V-12 gives you a great pump, and makes you look pumped. I'm cutting for a photoshoot in the coming weeks,
    Will make me look just pumped, or is it possible i could look bloated, fat as well from it? Abs are very important for this shoot!

    If I have say 4 shoots staggered over a 4wk period, can I just take the V12 a couple days b4 each one? The bottle says I must take it a full 10 days b4 I'll see effects, that would require I stay on it the entire month which I dont want to do for budget reasons!

    Thanks for any help!


  2. I wouldnt....

  3. Ive been using it for a week now and im cutting. I tell you i look alot more vascular but im also using the anarchy stack..

  4. Wind do you know if overall the v12 will make you look more cut, or will it bloat u a bit due to the creatine?


  5. It may not bloat like monohyrdate but I would not risk it personally. JMO.

  6. hey it does not bloat me at all..

  7. thanks belbs. I'm gonna stick with winds advice, just to be on the safe side. i took it for a few days, and for those few days did not seem as lean in the stomach area....


  8. Thats Ok bro, it must have different effects on everyone..
  9. Smile

    no bloat, just pumps you UP within a couple days of use if you already have muscles!


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