1st supplement you bought?

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    GKG from EAS when they first came out, I was 12 I believe.
    thats prolly why your such a monster now

  2. Hot Stuff here as well.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by bludevil View Post
    Hot Stuff here as well.
    Tasted like some really bad ass but had some good results.

  4. chocolate designer whey protein and cell-mass.

  5. The first one I can remember buy was Wieders weight gainer mass 4000 or something like that. I must have been 12 or 13 then. The first product I actually noticed results from was EAS' Phosphagain 2, I was 16 and actually had people ask me if I was pinning. I didn't even know what pinning was at the time.

  6. My first was a hydrolyzed complete amino-acid formulation in cylindrical tubes. Took one serving once a day before retiring.
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  7. ripped fuel from twin labs. I think I was 19 or so, had an old ass DP weight machine i used at the time too! lol


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