Please, I ask for aid. They robbed to me.

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  1. Do I need like a magic decoder ring to understand the top secret shiat in this thread ???

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    Ah that makes sense. I read macoan's messages and they were pretty messed up. Lol.
    LOL, it's all good.....

  3. Ah shicksters, I was gonna send him one of everything

    Much Love,


  4. Needs more tentacle.

  5. this be should sticky

  6. Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post
    Ah man, this guy makes Pocketboy look like a English Scholar!

    Speaking of being banned - I was banned at for telling them that AM is a better forum and that they're brain-washed by a certain chemist... I just got tired of their ramblings about AX... I'm kind of glad they banned me, hell it was my first post over there too! haha!
    Hahahah that was great, although I had to read twice to get the joke....I iz a lil slow sometimes.


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