Hows my stack???

  1. Hows my stack???

    I started hitting the weights big time about 8 months ago, and have been on mountains of supplements, this is what i do daily, : Universal Nutrition Animal cuts first up. (doin a 3week job), then Hr later with breakfast i drop a ALRI JW and Bam with protein shake. Lunch another JW.
    Afternoon before training another JW and Bam with Super pump 250. Plus protein shake. And also Alri N Gorge when im off the animal cuts etc. Add glutamine to the equations too. Also use Size On occasionally too.(Gaspari) I train 4 /5 days a week.

    Just picked up a bottle of Axis Labs Furazadrol to add to the Bam when i run outta the JW. (is this wise?)
    Just wondering if anyone has any negatives about what im on? Im 6"3 and 275lb also. Appreciate any decent feedback from serious supplement users that know where im comin from. cheers

  2. Furazadrol is a PH keep pct on hand and i dont think you need any PH's at this point. animal cut is crap, if your using the old gnc version be aware. if makes you feel like your on drugs (literally) and ive heard some pretty bad things about super pump. I have never tried super pump myself so I cant say much but avoid the animal cut. Too much caffeine and stims in my opinion.

  3. I would suggest proper dietary intake and proper training. The biggest mistake I see newbies make is taking "a mountain of supplements." I would suggest 3 things: multi-vitamin, creatine, and whey protein. These are what I used during my first few years of training. What exactly are your goals,e.g. lose weight, cut, ect.?

  4. btw, how old are you?

  5. good posting ^

    A newbie I dont think would even need creatine. Start off with protien and multi-vit. dont jump on the PH supps as you have no idea how to use them. Your going to regret when your balls shrink up like a raisin because you didnt do your research.

    I cant however blame you for wanting to jump on the fast track to a build body. It's been pounded into our heads. Faster cars, Faster computers better technology. Who wants to sit around and just be patient about muscles right? When going into supplements such as the ones your talking about It's good to get everything like your diet and training in check before you touch those supplements. you'll end up hurting yourself and your wallet at the same time.

  6. Cheers for the responses people. Im 24 by the way.
    When you speak of PH cycle with the furazadrol, are you refering to just adding further supplements to it, to counter act any side effects? or the follow cycle so i dont lose the muscle when i go off that particular gear? I read the furazadrol is pretty harmless on the side effects. Im guessing after 4/6 weeks on the fdrol, i could get onto alr restore to keep me peaked?

    So far the Animal Cuts seem to be peeling weight off me actually, but yes, i have to admit, the druggy feeling is somewhat present, but that may just be due to the caffiene levels too of course, as i never drink coffee usually either. I only take one sachet in the morn.

    And as far as the super pump 250 goes.. its great in my opinion! love the stuff.
    Im not entirely a newbie to the game either, i did boxing back in 02 for quite a while, and the last 8 months is just catching up on the game again, though more weights than bag etc. Cheers for your tips all, im in Australia too by the way, so when you speak of supplements costing $50 ea.. thats about double and a bit here for me!
    I fork out $120 bottle for Furazadrol. and my Alr gear. I should start buyin it from the states and getting it shipped over you think? cheaper? thanks.


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