Multiple dextrose and maltodextrin questions

  1. Multiple dextrose and maltodextrin questions

    So I was stocking up on my maltodextrin and dextrose today. I do 2:1 ratio in favor of dextrose normally, b/c I get dextrose for $1.60 a pound and malto for $3.50 a pound.

    Those aren't might questions though, but these are:
    1. Can I mix in the dex/malto with my BCAAs for drinking during a workout? Is it smart to take in my carbs during workout?
    2. How does the malto/dex combo stack up against the highly touted Waxy Maize Starch? Is it worth it when I can get this malto/dex so cheap locally?
    3. Would you take this only post workout or would you consider malto if you needed some quick carbs or to make your own balance or weight gainer shake?

  2. answer to number one: if your stomach can handle it, and you are looking to gain size and mass, then go ahead and do it. you will be keeping your glycogen sky high so this will keep you in an anabolic state.

    answer to number two: I prefer waxi maize starch, simply due to research, I am using it. Secondly, it does settle MUCH better on my stomach, I used to experience some serious bloating with dextrose and maltodextrin.

    answer to number three: maltodextrin would be what i'd use for a weight gainer shake. dextrose causes a big insulin spike which in my opinion is best before and after a workout, but not just whenever. do remember that maltodextrin is not really a complex carb, and won't sustain energy much longer than regular sugars. the upside to malto is the glycemic reasons, thus not potentiating fat storage as much as dextrose.

    i hope this helps you out some!

  3. how do u get it locally?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    how do u get it locally?
    Whole Foods store? I am not sure if they sell it in one pound bags or not.

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