Trying this stack sometime in Sept..

  1. Trying this stack sometime in Sept..

    IGF-2/RPM/JW I know its a pretty safe stack. But one thing concerns me. I am only 20. Soon to be 21, just want to make sure that my age is fine (mostly for JW).

  2. looks like a great stack. ill say that much.

  3. I would leave the JW out of it - IGF-2 / RPM works well on their own

  4. Alright cool guys, and age isn't a factor when it comes to JW?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Cellardude View Post
    looks like a great stack. ill say that much.
    ? Can you explain a little bit more?

  6. all three together is fine for a 20 year old.

    this would be an effective stack combining anti-e, pre wo stim, test booster and gh booster. as far as natty stacks go that one is pretty solid.


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