Stack Recommendations

  1. Stack Recommendations

    Looking for stack recommendations.

    5'10, 200lb, looking to increase size a bit, strength, overall LBM.

    Diet is clean 40-40-20 but might be a bit light as it is around 3000 cal per day.

    Age 30 (ok, why lie 31 in about a month)
    BF 20%
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  2. Add in age/bodyfat %

  3. Yea, how old are you?

  4. how long have you been training?

  5. My story is pretty much the usual. Ex athlete trained everyday but always sport specific. Used andro in college had good results. Then got married, started on a career and one day walked by a mirror and thought "Holy Crap! Did my stomach enter the mirror before I did?" That was about a year ago and have been working out ever since. I have been focused and very serious about working out for the past 4 months.

    My buddies, suggested I go straight to some hardcore roids but I don't belive I have put in enough time or paid my dues (however you want to say it) to get the true benefit of that type of cycle. I still believe i have more work to do before I get to that level and when I do, I will decide then.

    I end up getting bored with a workout and change it about every 6 weeks.


    M- 15 minute HIIT warmup Bi/Tri/Fore/Trap
    Tu- 30 minute HIIT/20 minute abs/30 minute heavy bag work
    Wed- Quads/Hams/Calves/Shoulders
    Th- 30 minute HIIT/20 minute abs/45 minutes kickboxing
    Fri- Chest/Back
    Sat-Clean up on anything I felt like I wimped out on (for instance this saturday will be tri as I don't feel like I worked them well on monday)
    Sun- Bike, Swim, Basketball


    If you can wait until September you can stack RPM and DRIVE - plus the essentials (multi/fish oil/etc)

    Or maybe check out the specials on ALRI's stack or ANABOLIC XTREME'S MASS STACK

    Good luck to you!

  7. I kind of feel like I am in the same boat as you. I am 31 almost 32 and I work out hard 4 days a week. I am not into the "hardcore" stuff but am not opposed to some free test boosters. I love Controlled Labs products. I use White Flood and stack it with Green Mag before workouts. I know NO products dont build muscle but it sure helps my focus and I enjoy the extreme muscle pumps I get from it. The Green Mag has enough creatine in it to satisfy that need and also adds energy. I am also in my second week of Blue Up and getting nice libido gains from it but I cant say I feel much else yet. I am thinking of cycling Activate Extreme after my Blue Up is done.
    I think some basic focus supplements would be a help to keep you motivated but I am a firm believer diet and timing can do more than most supplements you will buy. Just my 2 cents. Good luck and keep up the hard work.

  8. look up the anabolic xtreme ultimate mass stack, haven't tried it yet but am planning on running it as my next stack

  9. Your training split looks like you require lots of energy; try out Pure supplements P-SLIN. P-SLIN will give you crazy endurance, energy, strength, pumps, muscle gains, and fat loss.

    Also, if you want me to look at your diet, post it up or private message me.


  10. Guys,

    I know this question is gonna sound really stupid, but I really need to know in order to maintain muscle

    is calorie intake really important when not on cycle? I have a fairly clean diet but I try to stay away from carbs as much as possible.

    for example I eat about 4 cans of Albacore a day, that's 30 grams of protein per can, this is not including my regular meals so my protein intake is about 150 grams a day but I doubt that my calorie intake is any higher then 2500 a day since 1 can of albacore is only 70 calories.

    I did a search on this and came up empty handed (

  11. Carlorie intake is important on a cycle or not. You have to have the right amount of calories to maintain your mass.

  12. for one can of albacore to have 30 grams of protein it has to have at least 120 calories.

  13. I'm pretty sure a 6oz can of tuna is around 10-15g's of protein.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by ticktwo View Post
    Looking for stack recommendations.

    5'10, 200lb, looking to increase size a bit, strength, overall LBM.

    Diet is clean 40-40-20 but might be a bit light as it is around 3000 cal per day.

    Age 30 (ok, why lie 31 in about a month)
    BF 20%
    My recommendation as to what would be a killer stack is as follows-

    Man Clout
    Man Body Octane
    Omega Sports T-Force
    Applied Nutraceuticals RPM

  15. PI, not sure if you were kidding or not. Normal size can of tuna has 33 grams of protein.

    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  16. guess i'm wrong. I was just going by memory.

  17. You asked for my diet, so I pulled a log book of yesterdays meals.

    Whole Wheat English Muffin
    6 egg white omlet with fat free moz
    1/2 cup broc

    Mid Morn snack
    1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese
    1/2 cup blueberries

    1 slice whole wheat bread
    6 oz slized turkey
    1 cup green beans

    Mid day snack
    1 slice whole wheat bread
    1 tbsp homemade p-nut butter

    Post workout
    6 oz apple juice
    1 scoop protein powder

    10 oz grilled salmon
    1/2 cup brown rice
    2 cups brussel sprouts

  18. just a first impression is that oyu need to upp those cals big time...

  19. As of right now I am on a cut cycle. Is that still too low?

    I never thought I would be tired of eating but I think eating the right amount of food has got to be harder then pushing my self to do cardio or pushing myself in the weight room.

  20. well you put looking to increase size and strength as your goal in the first post... im confused.

  21. Confusion is my bad. I am looking for an effective size/strength stack. You are right...for the diet I pulled the previous day from my log and it just so happens that I am trying to cut.

    I would have trouble adding foods for the bulk cycle so if you have any suggestions on where or what to add I will gladly take them.

    I do know that eating enough is one of my biggest problems. I have to focus and plan my meals ahead of time. If I don't I end up skipping meals or portions without thinking about it. It is why I started doing the log.


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