Difference AX Stack & ALRI Stack...

  1. Difference AX Stack & ALRI Stack...


    I'm currently doing the AX stack with HD,MFX,Ret2. I wonder,
    what actually is the difference with the ALRI stack speaking of
    the effect of the ingredients ? Do both stacks do more or less the
    same or are they very different ?

    I ask because I'm now on my 3. week of AX and I gained maybe about
    1kg only... I wonder if I do another 4 weeks or if I stop it and wait
    a little bit and do the ALRI one or try something like X-Factor.

    I'm 154lbs...


  2. maybe its a little too obvious, but why dont you look athe ingredient profile for each and compare?

    in terms of results, there are two ways to measure it-

    - are you getting stronger

    - are you gaining mass/leaning out

    most have reported one of them. im about to do the ax stack and im hoping for strength or mass, ill take either as im plateauing right now

  3. Well, definetely I gained strength. I think I will do another 4 weeks because
    I don't have sides yet (knock on wood) I can difest the pills good, no
    stomach pain or so... I'm a little bit more muscular looking but not as much
    as I hoped...

    But speaking of strenght, definetely very up !!!

    e.g. with quads, I could do on the machine that goes from 20-400 and
    I usually did about 160-200, now I do 200-300 ! Really very much more....

  4. Quote Originally Posted by zimso View Post
    I'm 154lbs...
    Eat up. Then you will grow.

    And don't say, "I eat so much already"...

    At your size and with the supplements you are taking, there should be no reason you should not be growing. Actually, at your weight I think that the supps are kind of a waste of money. No offense or anything. But you definitely have a lot of room to grow without any kind of supplementation outside of vitamins, fish oils, whey protein, and maybe creatine.

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