running mass stack and ultima stack

  1. running mass stack and ultima stack

    after sifting through the copious amounts of logs and threads regarding both stacks, i am in the process of planning out my dosing cycle based on that research, and here is what i have come up with:

    Week 1 -4

    Mass FX 5x day
    Hyperdrol 5x day

    Week 5-6
    Jungle Warfar 3x day

    Week 7-8
    Jungle Warfare 3x day
    Bad Ass Mass 2x day

    Week 9-10
    Bad Ass Mass 2x day
    Pro Anabol 2x day

    Week 11-12
    Pro Anabol 2x day

    I thought about possibly overlapping the Pro Anabol in weeks 3-6 to run it with the mass fx/hyperdrol and jungle warfare, but i thought i would go with the recommended ultima stacking as it seems ALRI has been recommending NOT increasing dosages or shuffling them

    anybody have any other optimal ways to run this?

    goals are to put on some mass or break strength plateau (either one would be great)

    stats are:

    Age 23
    Height 6'1
    Weight - 184
    Bodyfat - ~7ish%

    Diet - only clean foods - oats, eggs, yogurt, green veggies, tuna, lean ground beef/turkey, chicken, fish

    Current supps- CL green mag, CL white flood, CL glycer grow, CL orange triad, Ergopharm GF Pro, Dymatize Mega Shake, Dymatize Elite Whey

  2. it would be more in your favor to just pick one of the stacks and run it for 8-12 weeks. this way you can get all of the possible effects of the single stack instead of cutting one off after a month just to readapt to the next stack. bam and mfx are pretty similar, but jw and hd2 are completely different. i've tried both with success and won't down either stack, but hd2 and mfx for 2 months did a lot more than 1 month of jw and bam (which was immediately before i started the ax stack). that just goes to show the stacks are more effective in the 8-12 week range.

  3. Given your goals, the amount of money your spending, etc you would be better off signing up with Bobo.

    Regardless, best of luck.

  4. theres a long explanation for this, but to make it short - i had overstimulation and libido issues with the venom tri - lean system, was able to exchange it for other alri products. in the mean time, i ordered the ax stack before i knew i could exchange it out (plus aspire36, that **** works), then i found out that i could exchange it for the ultima stack, so now i have both stacks

    regardless, thanks for the input. if i had the choice, i would have chosen one or the other.

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