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    If any thermolife reps are here, I would like it if they could address this issue. I have done some google searching on the active ingredient in Liver Longer (TUDCA), and one of its main mechanisms of action is that it prevents apoptosis. This would be consistent with the fact that I read a report saying that early studies show that it can lead to tumor growth. I am not sure this is the best choice yet, and I think it may need further research, but maybe I'm wrong. Could you show me some studies or research supporting TUDCA (how it works and its safety maybe)? What does everyone else think?

  2. I guess no one knows? =\

  3. Wrong section buddy.

  4. i for one have never heard of this, although now a days everything can cause a tumor or cancer or speed up the process. please post the studies you found, i would like to read them.

    sounds kind of weird because i have always read that TUDCA helps extend the life of many types of cells in the body and helps prevent the damage of nerves. has a relatively good bioavailability and has positive effects after around 250-300mg. here are a few i had off hand that i read a long time ago, i will also email Ron (owner) and see if he has any in-house or lab studies/test somewhere.

    * one)
    *TUDCA, J7(good one)
    *Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid (TUDCA) in HD (this one is okay)
    *Tauroursodeoxycholate inhibits human cholangiocarcinoma growth via Ca2+-, PKC-, and MAPK-dependent pathways -- Alpini et al. 286 (6): G973 -- AJP - Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology (in this study, i believe the Mz-ChA-1 cell they talk about has to do with liver cells, nothing about tumorous)

    as far as results with liver longer, they're a few guys on the board who got test before/during alkalated orals and the results are very good. you can search around and find quite a few of them.


    Check out the part on human safety. They talk about possible hepatoxicity and tumor development. Tumor development would make sense if TUDCA extends the life of cells and prevents apoptosis. Kind of like IGF

  6. says it isn't "substantiated in humans" based off preclinicals. i am also wondering how long you would have to dose this before things of this nature would begin to take an effect. dosage regime of Liver Longer is 30 days, 1,2, or 3 times a year tops. this really is not really a long dosing time but i will keep researching on this topic. gives me something to do for the next few days i have read countless good things about TUDCA, i guess will positives also comes negatives. i will see if uhockey or any other doctors can chime in as well.

  7. Okay so for now best suggestion would be run it for the duration of your 30 day cycle and then that's it. I would agree with you. Long term use would not be a great idea.


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