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  1. A little over a week into using powertrain and Im not sure what else i can say about it other than that its a great supp that i will certainly be utilizing in the future. The effects seem to be gettin stronger as time progresses instead of the other way with eca which is a huge advantage. Its not a huge initial surge but it kicks in and gets you going good. I maybe could use a little more kick but then perhaps id have to deal with more of a crash, with whats in it already there is no crash what so ever. It really gets you focused in the gym and has gotten me through every workout so far with tons of energy. Also, did shoulders and tris today and my arms have never felt so pumped. PT gets a big thumbs up from me.

    WW7, lemme know if theres any other specific details you want me to comment on. And if anyone wants to ask any specific questions feel free to pm me. Ill update once the bottle is finished or if there is anything else that i feel is noteworthy. Thanks again to legalgear.com.

  2. BUMP for this!!

    I finished my trial last week, been away for awhile and almost forgot about this thread. My conclusions:

    1. It does exactly what it is said to do: provide increased energy without a stimulant

    2. The feeling is very steady and not a bumpy ride at all, just feel energized

    3. Seemed to last about 4-5 hous for me, I think maybe 2 doses daily would be enough.

    4. Probably best utilized by people not on an ECA stack IMO, although certainly no harm taking it in conjunction. It seems to me that if you are still getting the ECA buzz, then you won't necessarily need this, but if you're not using ECA, definitely add it!

    5. Hopefully the price will come down in time, but it always seems to with LG

  3. I agree with jweave. I'll actually be done mine in two days taking three pills before every workout. I agree that it does what it say it does but I"m not sure If I would take the product again. I personally like the EC stack and it's done good things for me. I need to feel that sudden burst of energy

    Overall I think this is a great product if not using and EC stack and will provide a calm and steady increase in energy and focus. The few days that I took it in the morning were positive. The first morning I noticed nothing the the following three mornings I noticed that it opened my eyes quicker and got me awake. But for those who like me are into the EC rush then this won't be the product for you. I'd like to thank WW7 for letting me try out the product it was much appreciated it bro. Oh and get ready for an order for some protein bro, 41 bones for 10lb's, you make me happy later J

  4. Damnnnnnnnnnn, What happen to me? Did I get the short end of the short stick? Ive been done with mine for quite some time now. If its not the short bus Im stuck riding its the little bottle of free stuff. Im always getting shafted. . Just kidding (whats new), I know you guys are all slackers thats why you stretched out the bottles so much.

    On a more serious note as has been stated already THE **** WORKS!!!!

    And Weave, are you gonna ever finish posting on the Fina dermal thread you started. Im curious about your results.


  5. Db I'm no slacker Except at work I'm on a three day a week routine so it took me a while to use it all up. Interested to hear how other trials went though. Bump to the top. Later J

  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. It isn't a replacement for ECA because it is a different class of supplement. We are trying to find supplements that are good for you and provide a necessary performance enhancement. ECA is good, but it might not make the cut, plus I am convinced that that class of product is one that will eventually run you down. All stimulants cause a gradual decline in performance IMHO. Ephedrine can interupt sleep quality and also stimulants tax your body in other ways. THis si the case whether the stimulant is cocaine or ephedrine IMHO.

    I hoped to provide a good quality supplement that one can use every day without fear of a crash. I am glad that many of you are former ECA users, because to even put PowerTrain in the same discussion as a "legal" speed is a huge endorsement. It is a completely different class of compound. Thanks again for the feedback!



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