Problems with whey

  1. Problems with whey

    I have noticed lately that when i drink my protien shake it gives me this feeling like i want to puke(i have from it to). I never remember this happening before, does anyone have similar experiences or know what i could do to stop it. Any advice is greatly appreciated

  2. tired of the flavor?

    isolate solves most of my problems

  3. No it can't be that i have been trying new ones because i thought that to. I am using ON Gold Standard cookies and creme and it is the best one i have tasted, i wqas wondering if i have a problem with milk or something

  4. Try it without the milk and see..
    Also, did you take it immediately after your workout? I find that I can't stomach very much then, especially if taken too quickly.

    Have you an intolerance to lactose/milk? Do you drink milk at other times and experience anything similar?

  5. never have had any problem before. i usually take it with just water

  6. I suddenly stumbled upon a bunch of strings of bad shakes one time a few years ago, only to realize about 3 days later that the whole time I was mixing them with expired milk.

    Check your milk, that sounds like a stupid and obvious thing to say, but seriously, it could just be that your milk went slightly sour.


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