Does 3,4d Nettle Root.. Activate etc, need cycling?

  1. Arrow Does 3,4d Nettle Root.. Activate etc, need cycling?

    It binds to a protein to free-up testosterone... will that effect the hpta?

  2. most dont go longer then 8 weeks on with out some time off

  3. Since it frees up test, it will slightly suppress HPTA in the absence of an AI since estrogen will also be increased. Not a lot, but it will likely provide a substantial increase in free test in return for a small decrease in total test.

    Thats why I plan to run low dose RR with normal dose Activate Extreme ( 1 cap RR ED ) when I test it out. That should provide enough inhibition of extra estrogen to keep HPTA strong and total test high without drying the joints or affecting lipids.

  4. I thought exogenous testosterone was the cause of hpta suppression. But estrogen is, too?

    Yes, that would explain a need to cycle it. Thanks.

    I don't know how much of an AI grapeseed is, but I'll make sure I'm I take some ed.



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