stack question.........

  1. stack question.........

    All right now I know some of you are rolling your eyes and saying "this fukin guy again"....But I'm new to this and I have alot of questions....Now I just started today paravol, krealklyn, incarnate, levithan and reset.........Before this I took 6oxo xtreme for 3 wks at 10 caps a day...I got some results from the I would want to resume taking again since I haven't for the last wk.........My question is would there be any problem mixing all these? far as one cancelling out the other or liver damgage or anything for that matter........Cause I know the levithan raises some of the good estrogen and the 6oxo is an inhibitor...see things like that I'm confused about....any replys would be greatly appreciated...thank you

  2. My goal is jus t to gain muscle...I rally don't have an exact goal or anything I just wanna make sure my **** doesn't fall off and i don't **** my liver out.....pleas help someone!~

  3. i havent really taken any of the products on ur list, but ive read about them tho and considered some. Personally, if i were you, id finish on the 6oxo with whatever u have left in the bottle and mix nuttin with that. Then id wait a week or 2 and take paravol at basic dosage during that time. After that, then id start up on the krealklyn, incarnate, levithan and reset. i honestly have no idea what side effects or cancelling out will happen when you mix them but thats how i would run it if i were in ur position.

  4. Damn...I already messed up then.....cause I stopped the 6oxo a wk ago and started everything else today......oh well i guess trying it out won't hurt....thanks though man i really appreciate it

  5. you can stack all those without any problem, but i personally wouldnt.

  6. Why the reset ad? did or you you take alot of stims?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by lennoxchi View Post
    Why the reset ad? did or you you take alot of stims?
    i was wondering the same thing. its really only usefull if u are really burned out on stimulants.


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