PSlin, Evo Stack, AP, PowerFULL....and the CIA

  1. PSlin, Evo Stack, AP, PowerFULL....and the CIA

    Hey guys, im thinking about doin a intership in the CIA in a year or so. And they do a pretty detailed drug test (which is no suprise). But would anyone (off the top of their heads or in personal feelings) think that any of these products (PSlin, AP, PowerFULL, or Evo Stack) would effect a government drug test? Just like a personal feeling or thought....or if anyone has ever worked in a government job who might know. Im already on everything mentioned except the Evo Stack, cause im not 21 yet, so it really wouldnt make a difference at this point, but just curious.

  2. The USPLabs products I do not see being an issue. The ALRI products may be. Patrick Arnold has posted a lot aobut how they are prohormones or precursor to steroids or prosteroidals, etc. ALRI has come back and said they are not.

    Out of the Evo stack, I would be most weary of JW and Restore. But my personal feelings are that they are fine and I wouldn't worry about passing any sort of drug test. Plus be open with them, if you haven't done anything previously that would cause alarm, and you are taking an herbal supplement that can be found at your local GNC, I don't feel you can be penalized.

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