Cutting supplements

  1. Cutting supplements

    Okay geniuses, I need u again.

    Aug 1, photoshoot focused on body. So 1 mo out.
    So basically I need to cut BF- 3% would be nice.
    2nd goal, keep as much hard earned muscle as possible.
    I'm an endomorph, so dieting is tough! Most of my remaining fat is in my ab region.

    What to take, advice?
    Anarchy Stack
    Avantlabs products
    1fast400 stuff

    What would you all take on a limited budget, and what works best together?

    I'm eating maintenance this week, and then resuming cutting!


  2. What bodyfat are you now?
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  3. I'd approximate my BF to be 8-9% right now. I'm very lean/vascular except in the ab region. Most veins, for example in bicep, forearms, legs are apparent all the time, although not popping except when exersizing.

    Abs are there, but need to be much much sharper.


    I'm lifting every 3rd day, cardio the other days. Cardio consists of running 8-9 min miles for between 30-45 mins.

    Diet is low carb (60-80 gms), low fat(probably 30-40 gms), everything else protein. Cals are under maintenance, i eat based on my body telling me hunger.

  4. Going from 8-9% to 3% in 4 weeks isnt real practical or logical in my opinion. I have no idea why you would want to be 3% or if you even could get to 3% unless you were competing.

  5. heres a couple pics, if u can see them

  6. and another

  7. and finally

  8. Id say cease cutting....

  9. plz reread. I'm sorry, I dont want to get to 3%, I want to lose perhaps 3%. I actually feel that is unrealistic. Instead 4lbs loss, while maintaining as much muscle as possible is a more realistic goal.


  10. why cease cutting? cause of the pics? I've got a photoshoot in a month, and I need much more defined abs. Is there a way I can stop cutting, but still have my abs lean out? I think not, but I'm open to suggestions.


  11. Oh, thank god. I thought you were trying to get to 3%. But still if you're 8-9% now, you want to get to around 5%? Id up the protein intake, and cycle cardio styles. Id try UCP-1 with perhaps T-Heat as far as supplements go.

  12. with a limited budget, a 4 week time-frame, i would go with the UCP-1, ECA, and r-ala combination. all three, relatively within anyone's budget and would work well with a high protein-moderate/low carb and solid cardio routine.

  13. **** that, it's time to bulk

  14. How about t1-pro with liquid clen/t3. Then dont' forget preperation-h will tighten you up very well for the photoshoot.

    Loosing 3% in 4 weeks shouldn't be to hard. You'll need something to protect the muscle though (hence the t1-pro or other hormones ). A good high dose of clen 120mcg or so and low t3 12.5-25 mcg will harden you up very nicely. Throw in some yohimbee to extend clens effective life or do 2 weeks of ECA then 2 weeks of Clen.

    Granted this isn't exactly the cheapest solution (100 for clen/t3 40 for t1-final then yohimbee and an eca maybe another 40 clomid is going to be 40 or so) but for a photoshoot you should be getting decent money.

    Remember stop the t1 at least 3 days before the shoot to give the water retention time to run out.


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