Halodrol Clen Stack

  1. Halodrol Clen Stack

    One of my friends is stacking halodrol and clen. I made sure he got cycle support while he is on and some sort of fat burner so he doesnt have to go on clen straight. I told him 2 weeks clen, 2 weeks fat burner, and so on. What do you think stacking the clen and halodrol will do for him? He is looking to cut so what should he eat, the exercises he should do and so on. He is a pretty strong guy with low body fat to begin so how will these affect him?

  2. Blood pressure much?

  3. Yea Ive warned him

    I was just trying to keep it as healthy for him as possible. IDk what to tell him though he is pretty stern on this

  4. If he is DEAD set on this tell him to buy a heart monitor and have a phone ready when he strokes out. Halodrol is a cutter as is and with clen Why? Tell him to check his diet and save one of the two for later. His body will thank him.

  5. Big mama what a nice view......



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