I forgot to add that the Mass FX stack has not come yet. I will have it by the end of this week or the next. I have 66 pills left, which means 22 servings (11 days) left of Hydroxycut. I'm glad I kind of got a jump start on the fat loss, but I really should have waited until the others got here, so I might snag another bottle of HH. I've decided to add a few more things into the mix, so heres my stack:

Mass FX
Hyperdrol X2
Retain 2
LG Methyl 1-D

Hydroxycut Hardcore
GNC Mega Men Multi
ON Casien or Musclemilk
naNOx9 before workouts

Post Cycle:
post cycle therapy (post cycle therapy 2)
probably the liver support as well
continued protein and vitamins

I want criticism! Give me some suggestions!
Will be starting all of this this coming weekend or the start of next week.