need help getting a definitive answer here

  1. need help getting a definitive answer here

    ok i am running yellow gold and am loving it but im reading mixed responses.some say both anabolic pump and yellow gold should be cycled because the effects diminish.i jsut read the anabolic pump faq on usplabs website and they said

    "Does Anabolic Pumpô need to by cycled?

    No. The ingredients in Anabolic-Pump have been used around the world for centuries. The ingredients are proven safe and healthy. In clinical trials, the ingredients where studied for over 5 months improving health!"

    so doe this carry over to yellow gold? anyone running either of these 2 month in and month out?

  2. yello? anyone?

  3. I'd like to know also. I just started yellow gold yesterday. What's your results been with it so far and how long have you used it now?

  4. outstanding....i dont wanna come off ..leaner and def fuller

  5. ok so let me get this straight no one is taking yellow gold and anabolic pump? all i am asking is for how long of a period of time are you taking it? are you cycling? are you taking it indefinitey?



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