The ultimate pump.

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    Listen up boys, I'm new here and want to let you all in on a little secret. CAULIFLOWER. Thats right! I'm currently on an 8 week cycle of cauliflower and am in week 3 right now. I start off ingesting 2.5 lbs a day, and after that I bump it up 1 pound per week. (so I'm at 3.5 lbs/day this week) The first week there will be very little effect from it, because the anabolic part of the cauliflower is just kicking in- but look out, because in week 2 you will see insane PUMPS! I know a lot of the guys at the gym see me and WHISPER to each other, "that dooshbag is probably on like 80 mgs d-bol because he exploded into a skyscraper in 1 week!" And because of their CRAPPY attitudes I'm not letting them in on my little secret! (unless one of those turd nuggets is reading this right now!)
    Here's the thing, once you hit week 4 there is the possibility of a VEGGIE DROP OFF. ( meaning your body gets used to the insanity from all the anabolic cauliflower, and you will start to run out of steam.) So once you hit week 4, you NEED to stack the cauliflower with 3 lbs of BROCCOLI a day, for the next 2 weeks. By this point you will probably be sending me messages saying how BIG you are, or thank you for the AWESOME secret, or maybe some of you JEALOUS guys will tell me you already KNEW about it. But whatever, this is a very STRICT cycle and you CANNOT deviate from it.
    Now understand that this is an EXTREMELY anabolic cycle, and your testicles WILL shrink. Also, although the cauliflower and broccoli are not methylated or alkylated this will still be HARD on the liver- so make sure you load up on the MILK THISTLE.
    For a post cycle I would go with either 6-oxo EXTREME, NOVEDEX, or maybe BOTH- trust me, you do NOT want to feel an anabolic cauliflower crash, because IT IS NASTY!
    Anyways feel free to try it out, and let me know your results.



  2. that was actually somewhat comical.

  3. I've hear broccoli and cauliflower are natural anti estrogens.

  4. this has made my day........

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