Have a look at my NP shopping cart.

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  1. Ha! I liked the chocolate ON casein too, a little different but chocolatey haha. guess its a guy thing huh?

    The ON products are staying for sure, they will last me a long time.

    I might just leave out the BCAA's cuz ive never really used them too much and ive never noticed a difference with them its just that they are usually in people's staple list. And i figured they would be great at maintaining muscle.

    Think ill leave out 6oxo extreme as well, just too much right now for very little servings, i would need 2 or more bottles for a month's supply.

    psyllium, eh. its 5 bucks for over a months worth.

    Im actually thinking about the leviathan again lol....

    so its:
    1 x 100% Whey Protein Gold Standard
    1 x RPM
    1 x Yellow Gold
    1 x 100% Casein
    1 x Psyllium Caps
    1 x Opti-Men
    1 x Alpha Drive XL
    1 x Jet Fuel
    subtotal: $222.73
    shipping: $ 34.40!!!!!!!!!!

    now i want the xtend back in there....****! i guess ill never be set. Im just going to wait until july to pick this stuff up and ill do it spontenously.

  2. BCAAs will aid in stopping muscle breakdown.

    But you can get them from food and your whey...

  3. Dude, def. go with Leviathan --- I am positive you will like it much more than JF.

  4. I don't do the name brand BCAAs no more just bulk, a lil cheaper, throw in one serve Crystal Light from Costco 4 packs sweetner (Equal in my case), tastes pretty good, then your other stuff as needed, ie Beta Alinine, Citrilline Malate, whatever. Its a staple.

    You can get the Psyllium at the local hippie/health store for cheap, just throw it in your shake.
  5. Never enough
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    Quote Originally Posted by Synicus View Post
    You can get the Psyllium at the local hippie/health store for cheap, just throw it in your shake.
    for sure. Just be careful with your doses
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