Nootropics Stack...

  1. Nootropics Stack...

    I've done a lot of research on nootropics, and think I am finally ready to delve into buying/experimenting with some stacks...

    I'm going to check out the most popular it would seem first, UCB Nootropil (Piracetam), coupled with Choline. I will try out a dose of Piracetam around 2400 mg (upping if I don't notice much of an effect, or tapering down to a 'maintenence dose), coupled with at least 1000 mg Choline.

    I am then goin to add in Intelectol (Vinpocetine), starting with a dose of 30 to 40 mg, then following with a maintenence dosing of 10 to 15 mg a day.

    I will also purchase Hydergine (Ergoloid Mesylates), experimenting probably in a varied dosing schedule (one night, see how I like it, take it from there), of 4.5 mg. This will be coupled with Piracetam and Choline first, then maybe adding in the Vinpocetine.

    Oh yeah, at the time, I am also doing what was coined as the "Anarchy Stack," consisting of 3-5 mg of Acetyle-L-Carnitine, 600-900 mg of R-ALA, 5000-10000 mcg of boitin, 12-15 mg of 70% CLA, and about a gallon of Green Tea a day (soon to be extract pills when they come).

    Nootropics have ALWAYS intrigued me, and I finally have some money, and what seems like some reliable sources to play around with, so I'm going to be giving it a go.

    I would seriously appreciate ANY feedback / suggestions / comments on these dosing schedules and nootropic pics.

    Many thanks friends

    *This topic pertains to bodybuilding, in the possible influences nootropic supplementation might have on body composition and/or focus in weightraining sessions.


  2. also, for ready made stacks.

    check sann's nueroflow, i itried it and while you dont feel it. it does help tremendosly when taken before gym. focus, concentration and raises your cns endurance. great product.

    also new is nuerogenix from anabolicfitness. nuerogenix link . i havent tried it but take a look anyways. the amounts are low but very synergestic(like nueroflow is)

    af's thermorexin has some nootropic additions aswell. they actually help give it a more pronounced punch than most other thermo's

  3. I've got Neuroflow... used it a couple times.

    Like you said, definately helps before before a workout, other than that though, I find myself having to take at least five to really feel much of a nootropic effect.

    Popped five and went out to Barnes and Noble the other day. Boom, six hours flew by. I was really focused, yet calm, and time flew by. I found myself even reading much faster. that's the kind of effects I'm looking foward to from my stack I will be checking out.

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