ephedra versus all the rest

  1. ephedra versus all the rest

    ok basically it goes like this, i got stuff to use for cutting, my question is do people think that something like lipodrene with ephedra would be better than venom or stim x (my other choiced fat burners) also i was wondering what else to use with them. DCP, sesamin or was even considering the entire trilean system. what does everyone think? stims arent a big deal to me but i wanna build a nice cutting stack that i will start the 1st of july i also plan on using anavar no matter what else i am using my diet i will have in check along witha solid workout program. just looking for some advice.

  2. ephedrine (i like much better then ephedra) + venom + lipodrene would be intense. is lipodrene a topical? dont remember, if it is then i would use it in there. adding sesamine would be great to. or i kind like ephedrine+caffeine+yohimbine, little cheaper then some fat burners. just my 2 cents

  3. Ephedrine and Yohimbe at the same time ? I think I'd start freaking out if I took those 2 stims at the same time. They are quite strong.

  4. no i didnt say anything about mixing them i was saying which one to take and use.

  5. I would stack e+yo.

    Venom killed my appitite and my libido...

  6. well the lipodrene has yohmibe in it already, so should i go the route of lipodrene with perhaps DCP? any thoughts? from my understanding taking DCP with a stimulant works very well


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