1. Wink Doubles

    Any tips or ideas for doing them and how many off days per - single routine etc

    No1 responded down in the training section lol tell me what u think,.


  2. Your body should tell you how long to rest (I'm out for awhile after legs, hehe). It also depends on how much you are pushing (ie. max lifts).

  3. Quote Originally Posted by SwordBurn View Post
    Your body should tell you how long to rest (I'm out for awhile after legs, hehe). It also depends on how much you are pushing (ie. max lifts).
    Good answer here: Just listen to YOUR body, thats the best way to tell. Not your workout buddies..

  4. Do you mean doing bodyparts 2 times per week?

    I found created a routine that really works for me to give you an idea what might work for you.

    First to understand where I came from in learning my body.

    1. I am not natural and do go on and off super supps
    2. Chest needs once a week for me
    3. Lats and shoulders can be pounded all week
    4. My arms grow if they get stronger

    Obseravtions like this are ones you will need to learn about your own body. Anyway here is my favorite routine.

    My rule is always get stronger on your first set and you aren't overtraining.

    Mon / Push Day
    5x5 Incline
    2x10-12 flat DB press W. Deep stretch
    2x12-15 machine fly

    Shoulders - No push movements
    2x10-12 High pulls w. straps
    2x10-15 Seated incline DB side raise

    1x8 and 1x6 Tricept dips

    (to few people do these, they are done like regular dips but you keep you body straight up and down and only move your triceps to push with, if you are not that strong you may need assistance because they are HARD to do right - At every workout if I get the 6th rep on the second set then I go up 5 pounds for the next workout, right now I am at bodyweight + 50)

    Tues / Pull

    Back - Rowing Thickness focussed day
    1x5 bent over row
    2x10-12 cable row
    2x8-12 Pull up

    Rear delts
    2x10 of a movement I made up that is a hybrid rear delt fly and row

    2x8-10 Heavy barbell shrugs

    Any 4 sets in the 10-12 range

    Wends - OFF

    Thurs / Push (no chest)

    1x5 DB press
    1x8-10 DB press
    2x8-10 Smythe press

    1x8 + 1x6 - Tri dips - same rule as before

    Fri - pull

    1x5 Deadlift
    1x5-6 wieght added pull up
    1x8-10 bodywieght pull up
    2x12-15 cable pullover

    Rear Delt
    2x10 - laying rear delt fly (one armed laying on a bench - impossibly to describe ha)

    2x10-12 Seated bent over rear trap shrugs with dumbells

    DC style 3-4 drop set

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