New Stack (Help a Newb Out?)

  1. New Stack (Help a Newb Out?)

    Currently, I'm running:

    Novedex XT (Gaspari)
    Muscle Milk/Evopro

    I've been eating extremely clean, 8X a day, last two weeks. Bachelor party in 6 weeks, trying to slim down the love handles, but not at the expense of muscle mass. (5 ft. 8, 170 lbs, 26 yrs old)

    My care package from NutraPlanet arrived today, consisting of:

    Reset AD
    Melting Point
    Cycle Support

    I ran some IDS V-50, along with some 1-Test-X I had left from a couple of years ago, for about 6 weeks.

    My questions:

    1) In light of the V-50 and 1-Test, is Cycle Support necessary? Will it benefit me right now, or should I save it for later?

    2) Any problem with 1 Leviathan a.m. and 1 p.m., along with 3 RPM pre-workout and Melting Point? This would be in addition to the Novedex...

    3) I think the Reset AD, Poseidon, and Xtend will do nothing but good to take with # 2), am I safe in assuming that?

    I've been lurking here for awhile, you seem to be a great group and very dedicated to people on this site. I'm here to stay for sure!

    P.S. NutraPlanet is incredible!


  2. squirrel? is that you?

    BTW, you dropped some coin there. :huh:

  3. Talking

    It's me alright, although I imagine there are many squirrels. I'm a University of Texas Squirrel...

    And yes, some damage to the pocketbook. Hopefully it will be worth it though...

  4. Oh, I thought I knew you from a suby site.

  5. I roll with redline in the morning, no-xplode pre workout, protein shake and creatin epost workout.



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