Advice on how to stack these supps

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    Advice on how to stack these supps

    I just got my order from NP which included Leviathan, RPM, and Reset AD. In July I can start my next S-Drol cycle. Right now I'm using Creatine, Glutamine, AP, SuperCissus, Green Tea, poseidon, and Taurine.

    So should I stack the Leviathan and RPM before my SDrol cycle or run them either during my PCT or after my PCT.

    My last PCT cycle consisted mainly of torem, powerfull, zma, trib. I'll probably use something similar to this again.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  2. Leviathan on cycle, and RPM and Reset AD post-cycle just might be a sweet setup............. ;-)

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    Leviathan on cycle, and RPM and Reset AD post-cycle just might be a sweet setup............. ;-)
    I am waiting on some Reset AD- looking forward to trying it- how are you liking it Lanbane?
    Dirk Tanis, BA, MSci
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  4. I won't lie and say I've noticed huge differences, but I plan on putting a bit more structure to my supplementation so I can tell what is doing what. I'll say that since starting it, 3 RPM seems to be PERFECT pre-workout. So in my opinion it's working...... but I'll hold off on making official claims til I get more structured and use it a bit longer.

    Where's John from PAL?...... I'm looking for his recommendation on dosing this with RPM...........
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    Thanks for your responses. How much do you weigh Lanbane? I noticed on the label of RPM it gives doses based on weight and most of the posts I've seen guys are using 5-6 but I'm assuming their a lot bigger than me. I'm approx. 165lbs.



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