Melting Point/Basic Cuts

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    Melting Point/Basic Cuts

    Hey, I'm planning on taking Designer Supplements Melting Point and Basic Cuts for a cutting stack for the next 4-6 weeks. The bottle for MP says for an average 200 pound male, take six capsules daily. I'm about 190 pounds, so should I take less, or use the recommended six capsules? BC says to use two capsules twice daily, with the second dose 30-45 minutes before exercise.

    So I would be taking six capsules of MP and four capsules of BC daily. Does this sound about right? Anyone else used this stack? If I took the recommended six capsules per day of MP, I could do this stack for 30 days. Is it as effective if I reduce it to 4 capsules, or should I just go with 6 capsules?

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    My recommendation is to start off with 4 caps of MP to assess tolerance. Some people have ran into cramping issues even at 6 caps. When I originally took MP/BC i was about 205 and started with 4, then went to 6, and then tried 8 (not the best idea). I dropped some serious BF that go around. These days I only do 4-6 caps and still have good results, so figure out what works best for you and go for it.
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    Definitely start light on the MP dosage. Take BC spread out as much as possible if you wish. E.g. 4x 1 caps spread out during the day, I found that that helps lessen any "crashing" you might get. Keep well hydrated and maybe some potassium and magnesium too.

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