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    Yeh, ditto on this, Chaos = gooood stuff.

  2. I heard so many glorious things about rpm but when I tried it I noticed nothing at all. Going to give it another go probably tomorrow. When I did a log for SMASH I rather enjoyed the workout it gave me, NO-Xplode wasn't bad. Steeledge I only tried once, didn't feel much of a boost but got another 2 samples to try. Have yet to try chaos .

    Pre-WO supps really help you push yourself during your workout and originally I thought they were just a waste of money, but if you got some extra $$ they're definitely worth looking into!:clean: :clean:

  3. i got nothing from RPM, but im using Primaforce's Primal N2O supplement, 3 scoops is the sweet spot, i can lift for literally hours at full intensity

  4. No-Exlode is decent. Going to try RPM.

  5. I think it more depends on the type of lifting you are doing. Cardio:Stims Working out, a whole other story.

    Caffeine and other stimulants are actually catabolic to muscle tissue.

    I have been using iForce's iPrimer coupled with Nitrace. Its more of BCAA's, Vit/Min, N.O./CEE, and specific carbs to stimulate ATP, Krebs, etc.

    This to me makes a lot more sense than taking a bunch of caffeine and destroying your muscle tissue. Why would you do that when you can saturate the tissue instead with all the nutrients it needs to complete workouts?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    I heard so many glorious things about rpm but when I tried it I noticed nothing at all. :
    How many did you take?

  7. White FLOOD, Ragnarok, and Primal N2O. In terms of straight stims, VHD 3.0, Stizm, Stimulant X 2.0, or 400 mg's caffeine.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review


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